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Angkor Walkers | January 17, 2018

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Buddhism Tours

Buddhism tour to Cambodia

Statues of Buddha at Angkor Wat

Friendliness, warm hospitality, and beautiful smiles are never hard to find in Cambodia, thanks to the Kingdom’s tolerant and peaceful Buddhist culture. Ancient Buddhist philosophies – also known as the Noble Eightfold Path or the Middle Ways – have been shaping Cambodian culture since the 12th century, when King Jayavarman VII embraced Buddhism into the mighty Angkor empire with the construction of Bayon temple.

Buddhist beliefs, practices, and traditions continue to heavily influence daily life in the Kingdom, and not just because you can see monks wearing vivid saffron robes everywhere you go! They form an intrinsic part of modern Cambodian culture, from religious holidays and vibrant festivals through to worship and prayer.

By taking a Buddhism Tour with Angkor Walkers you will have a chance to learn about the Eightfold Noble Ways, as well as the interesting interplay between Buddhism as a philosophy, culture, and religion in Cambodia. You will also visit pagodas, temples, and remarkable sites of spiritual significance, and learn about the colorful ceremonies that take place there. For those who would like to there is even the opportunity to take part in different sacred rituals and blessings, as well as try your hand at meditation, the food for thought!

Whether you would like a brief overview of Buddhism in Cambodia, or wish to discover Cambodia’s dominant religious philosophy in more depth, we can arrange a tour that’s perfect for your interests. This could be anything from an afternoon’s introductory Buddhism Tour integrated into your itinerary, to a longer cross-Cambodia Buddhism exploration.


Yut – Angkor Walkers founder and lead guide – was a Buddhist monk for 15 years, and studied both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist philosophy at University. He is passionate about sharing his beautiful country with curious travelers, and especially happy to share insight into the Kingdom’s Buddhist culture.

Buddhism tour to Cambodia

Statues of the Buddha


Buddhism tour to Cambodia

Flag of Buddhism in Cambodia