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Angkor Walkers | February 20, 2018

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Yut’s super-sized American experience

14 August, 2014 |

Miranda Glasser ( in the section of Siem Reap Insider)

Super-size portions, Native American Indian reservations and a respect for the environment were all part of an eye-opening trip to the US recently undertaken by local translator and tour guide Chhon … Read More


12 February, 2014 |

To start with, I would begin with a tag line ” open your mind.”

There are so many cultural differences that we haven’t encountered or experienced while at home, but when you travel abroad you will be learning and experiencing … Read More

Angkor Walkers Alumni

10 February, 2014 |

It’s always great to reconnect with Angkor Walkers Alumni and it’s even better to see that they brought with them more friends and family to visit my beautiful country and my home town, Siem Reap.

My friend, Dana Johnson ( her … Read More

Rice Baby

31 January, 2014 |

It is a wonderful story from last year experience with Allison. She is from America. There were twenty five of us touring around Cambodia for three weeks. Recently I have got a facebook message from her and knowing that she … Read More